FC Delco Philosophies


Mission: Continental FC Delco is committed to evolving soccer. We strive to create a fun and challenging experience that inspires creativity and awakens talent.

FC Delco Soccer Philosophy

We play with an energetic, high tempo and exciting style where we clearly express a love of dominating ball possession. In every phase, we want to provoke the opponent by seizing the initiative and attempting to play vertically. In possession, we look to destabilize the opponent and create numerical superiority in the opponent’s half with fast interchanging actions of different players. Out of possession, we don’t want to spend a lot of time defending. We high press to regain possession quickly.

FC Delco Player Philosophy

We contribute to the development of players who have the potential and mental capacity to reach the professional level. Our players are intrinsically motivated to become the best and have the physical capabilities to be a top “life” athlete. Our players have an excellent relationship with the ball and consistently show their abilities to make independent decisions based on their adaptation of any situation within the game. Each of our players must excel in at least one area of their performance attributes (a unique weapon). We relish players who are constant with the ability of sacrifice.


FC Delco Education Philosophy

We create an environment where the player is central to the learning process in order to develop a highly motivated, well-rounded, socially balanced, intelligent and highly cognitive person who excels at playing soccer.

By using a whole-part-whole learning model both on and off the field, we encourage our players to be the protagonists in their own development.

We expose our players to a variety of situations where they’re taken out of their comfort zones and empowered to adapt to each situation. Our coaches inspire these moments—and we give our coaches all the tools necessary to spark player epiphanies. 

Talent Philosophy


We believe in long term, individual player development where the player drives his or her own development. The role of the coach is to awaken and nurture each player’s talent. We believe that by working together with the player to create individually motivated, short and long term goals with high but achievable expectations, the player will fulfill his potential in soccer.


We believe that a planned but flexible learning pathway will provide the player with a structure within which to work but still have the flexibility to adapt to her/his individual development.

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