Abdoul Diallo

Name: Abdoul Diallo

Birth Year: 2005

Current Team: 2005 ECNL 

Starting Team: 2005 ECNL Regional League

Years with Club: 1

Position: Center back

What has your player pathway been like: I started out with my local club town team, and was then put on FC DELCO's ECNL-R team, and then was recently called up to the ECNL team. 

Have you had any setbacks along the way? I fractured my foot at the beginning of the season and I tried out for ECNL. At first, I didn't make it. 

What Do You Like About DELCO: I like the system DELCO has. Practices and drills are taken very seriously. You will get rewarded for the work you put in, and you have to take the chance to move up and strive. 

What Advice Would You Give Younger Players:  Setbacks and other losses are all a part of the journey. It's what you do after the setbacks is that will make you great! 

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