Abou Cherif - Player Story

Abou Cherif - 2007 MLS Next

Abou Cherif

Name: Abou Cherif

Birth Year: 2006

Current Team: 2006 MLS NEXT

Starting Team: 2006 ECNL 

Years with Club: 6

Position: Forward

What has your player pathway been like: I trained countless times, and waiting for my moment -- it wasn't always a straight shot to an MLS Squad. I started playing soccer a few years back on a team local to where I live called United Nations. I have come a long way to where I am playing now at FC DELCO!

What Do You Like About DELCO: FC DELCO is extremely competitive -- and I like that because it makes me better as an individual. It's a very family-oriented atmosphere here. The coaches, players, and parents are always here for one another. At times, my teammates' parents will give me rides to games, and that is very important to me -- and I love that because I don't think I would have found that at any other club.

What Advice Would You Give Younger Players:  What I would tell younger players looking for a club like FC DELCO is that you will always feel welcome here. There are so many resources that will help you become a better player, and push you to a higher level. I would highly recommend FC DELCO because they treat you like family and stand behind everything they say. 

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