Declan Haines -- Player Story

Name: Declan Haines

Birth Year: 2007

Current Team: The ECNL Regional League 2007 with Coach Rick Kessler. I also train and play with the ECNL 2007 team with Coach Sheanon Williams. 

Starting Team: 2007 ECNL Regional League

Years with Club: 1

Position: Center midfield and outside back.

What has your player pathway been like: I have played in the ECNL since U13 with my former club. In the spring of 2021, I attended an FC DELCO ID Clinic and tryouts, and had the opportunity to train with Coach Alex Graver's 2007 MLS NEXT team. Then, after my high school season at Council Rock South ended this fall, I joined the FC DELCO ECNL-RL team. Within a few training sessions, I was asked to train with the ECNL 2007 team.  

What Do You Like About DELCO: I normally play Center Mid (#10), but I have been given the opportunity to play outside back (left back), while playing with the ECNL team. Learning a new position is an exciting challenge -- I enjoy it!

What Advice Would You Give Younger Players:  Work hard, challenge yourself, and listen to the instructions from your coaches!

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