Hector Ortiz

Name: Hector Ortiz

Birth Year: 2006

Current Team: 2006 Boys MLS NEXT 

Starting Team: 2006 Boys Dortmund (A Conshohocken-based Pre-Academy team)

Years with Club: 4

Position: Goalkeeper

Favorite Memory: We won the state cup finals with Coach Alex Shuptar my first year with the club. It was fun! We traveled to Virginia and really bonded as a team. 

Fun Fact About Hector: Hector works with young players as a coach in our Rec Select program. 

What Do You Like About DELCO: We are a team through and through, and we are really close. We go hard in practice. We are physical, and we push each other. But at the end of the day, we are all friends and we respect each other.  

How Did the DELCO Pathway Prepare You For MLS NEXT? Coach Alex in Pre-Academy brought us together, and really showed us what it meant to play together as a team. None of us knew each other before. Next, on my ECNL team, Coach Colin showed us how to play with finesse and build off of one another. Now, on my MLS NEXT team, we are cohesive and tight. We play as a group. 

 What Advice Would You Give Younger Players: Don't stop. Always work on your game. Practice outside of practice. If you keep working hard, you will eventually get to where you want to be. 

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