Michael Sack - Player Stories

Michael Sack - 2005 ECNL-Regional League & 2005 ECNL


Michael Sack

Name: Michael Sack

Birth Year: 2005

Current Team: 2005 ECNL and 2005 ECNL-R

Starting Team: 2005 ECNL Regional League

Years with Club: 1

Position: Winger

What has your player pathway been like: I started playing soccer when I was three. In middle school, I joined a larger local club, and most recently joined FC DELCO. I am a junior and attend Harriton High School, where I am the captain of the varsity soccer team. When I came to FC DELCO I started off on the ECNL Regional team, but then I was able to start training with the ECNL squad, and now play for both teams.

What Do You Like About DELCO: There is a very strong sense of community in the club. Whatever team I am playing for, I feel welcome. I have made friends with every single one of my teammates. 

What Advice Would You Give Younger Players:  Look for a club where you can make good memories with your coach and your teammates, while still finding a way to improve yourself as a soccer player. 

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