FC DELCO Coach Registration

Coach Registration

Welcome to the 2022/2023 season! Everything you need to become a coach with FC DELCO is right here. 

ALL COACHES must complete steps 1-3.

ECNL, ECNL Regional and PRCL (PA Regional Club League) COACHES must complete steps 1-5. 

MLS COACHES must also complete step 6.

NOTE for all coaches: Please make sure your picture is up to date. 

Step 1: Clearances, Concussion, and SafeSport Training

The below items can be completed directly within your GotSport account under Requirements. Alternatively, you can use the links below and then upload the completed documents to your account. If you do not yet have a GotSport account with FC DELCO, contact the club's Operations Manager.

If you have current clearances, you are ready to go with the first three items! PA Child Abuse, PA Criminal Background Check and FBI clearances are good for five years. To be valid this season, clearances need to have been issued after 7/31/18. If you do not have valid clearances, start here or use the links in your GotSport account. You will need to have these items completed for step 2. 

All of these items along with a photo get uploaded to your GotSport account (see below).

Step 2: GotSport

If you used the above links to complete your Risk Management, click here to upload your documents and also complete the following item under Requirements:

  • EPYS Risk Management Form

Notify the club's Operations Manager when complete.

Need a GotSport tutorial? Click here

Step 3: Financial Forms

All coaches should complete the following forms and return them to the FC DELCO Finance Director.

Step 4: ECNL, ECNL Regional and PRCL (PA Regional Club League) and Coaches ONLY: 

The club will set up a TGS account for you. Please contact our Operations Director, Peye Garcia for this step. 

Step 5: ECNL, ECNL Regional and PRCL (PA Regional Club League) Coaches ONLY: Complete US Club's Background Screening Application

  1. Background screening will be done through your GotSport account. Follow directions provided below.
  2. Background screening portal for ECNL staff members: CLICK HERE.
  3. Background screening instructions: CLICK HERE.

Step 6: MLS NEXT Coaches Only

1. Log into Gotsport 
2. Follow the directions in this link.
3. The following items need to be filled out and submitted:

  • 21/22 Acknowledgements
  • Participant Agreement and Waiver
  • Rules and Regulations
  • Authorization for the Release of Health Information
  • Privacy Policy
  • DEI Survey
  • Safesport Review
  • Background Check (Note: This document will come in an email from MLS NEXT)
  • CDC Heads Up Acknowledgement
  • Heads Up Review
  • Coaching License Survey

4. If you have any questions please reach out to Operations Director, Peye Garcia

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