AIP Rothman Warm Up

The Rothman Warm-Up: Our Activation Injury Prevention Program.

Working together with Dr. Kevin Freedman of Rothman Orthopaedics, we put together a warm-up that can be done before training and games. Start to finish, the entire warm-up takes 11 minutes. 

The warm-up takes pieces of The Pep and the FIFA-11 +, exercise regimens proven to reduce ACL tears by 90% when done correctly and daily. 


  • Prepare the body for exercise.
  • Build strength and coordination.
  • Reduce the chance of injury.


  • Execute before training or a game.
  • Complete individually or as a team.
  • Should be done in an open space free of obstacles.


  1. Jog 20 yards/30 seconds
  2. Skip 20 yards/30 seconds
  3. Open the Gate: 10x (5/leg)
  4. Close the Gate: 10x (5/leg)
  5. Knee to Chest: 10x (5/leg alternating)
  6. Walking Quad: 10x (5/leg alternating)
  7. Frankenstein: 10 x (5/leg)
  8. Walking Lunge Twist: (5/leg alternating)
  9. Calf Raises with Both Legs: 10x
  10. Lateral Single Leg Hop and Hold: 10x (5/leg)
  11. Forward/Backward Double Leg Hop & Hold: 10x
  12. Side Shuffle: 20 yards/30 seconds.
  13. Single-Leg Airplane Touch: 10x (5/leg)
  14. Nordic Hamstrings: 10x (partner needed)
  15. Change Directions/70% Sprint. 4x. Use a 10-15 yard space, change directions and accelerate.

Download the accompanying PDF and/or watch our video on how to do each move. 

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Try our Rothman Fast Scheduler, which is available for our athletes, coaches, and their family members. 

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