FC DELCO Player Safety

FC DELCO Player Health & Safety

If you are experiencing a medical emergency, please CALL 911 immediately! 

FC DELCO is committed to promoting safe play. We teamed up with Rothman Orthopaedics to provide coaches, families, and players with sports medicine education and resources, as well as world-class orthopaedic treatment. 

Injuries in Training and Games

If a player experiences an injury during a game or in training, coaches must determine next steps. All FC DELCO coaches have concussion and first aid training. If an incident occurs where a coach sits a player, an incident form must be filled out and submitted to the Club Manager. Players must acquire a doctor's note, which must be sent to the player's coach and the Club Manager to return to play.

The Rothman Warm-Up: Our Activation Injury Prevention Program.

Working together with Dr. Kevin Freedman of Rothman Orthopaedics, we put together a warm-up that can be done before training and games. Start to finish, the entire warm-up takes 11 minutes. 

The warm-up takes pieces of The Pep and the FIFA-11 +, exercise regimens proven to reduce ACL tears by 90% when done correctly and daily. 


  • Prepare the body for exercise.
  • Build strength and coordination.
  • Reduce the chance of injury.


  • Execute before training.
  • Complete individually or as a team.
  • Should be done in an open space free of obstacles.


  1. Jog 20 yards/30 seconds
  2. Skip 20 yards/30 seconds
  3. Open the Gate: 10x (5/leg)
  4. Close the Gate: 10x (5/leg)
  5. Knee to Chest: 10x (5/leg alternating)
  6. Walking Quad: 10x (5/leg alternating)
  7. Frankenstein: 10 x (5/leg)
  8. Walking Lunge Twist: (5/leg alternating)
  9. Calf Raises with Both Legs: 10x
  10. Lateral Single Leg Hop and Hold: 10x (5/leg)
  11. Forward/Backward Double Leg Hop & Hold: 10x
  12. Side Shuffle: 20 yards/30 seconds.
  13. Single-Leg Airplane Touch: 10x (5/leg)
  14. Nordic Hamstrings: 10x (partner needed)
  15. Change Directions/70% Sprint. 4x. Use a 10-15 yard space, change directions and accelerate.

Download the accompanying PDF and/or watch our video on how to do each move. 

Need to See a Doctor Fast? 

Try our Rothman Fast Scheduler, which is available for our athletes, coaches, and their family members. 


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