FC DELCO Pre-Home Game Procedures

Home Game Confirmation Procedures

Prior to each home game, you will need to confirm information with your team, opponent and referees. Below you will see the procedures for each home game. (Development Academy - US SOCCER Schedules your referees and has their own contact information.) The process starts 9 days prior to your home game as that is when the referee schedule goes in for the following week.

Step 1: Confirm League and FC DELCO Schedules Match

  1. Go to your league website and confirm that your home game info matches our Field Schedule Note: you will need to scroll to the bottom of the sheet and check the "Home Game Schedule" tab. The games are set by date, location and time.
  2. If info in Steps 1 and 2 match go to Step 3. If 1 and 2 don’t match please contact our Operations Director immediately with detailed information. Please send request in the following format:
  • Copy your game line from the field schedule (from column A to J), paste it in an email and make note of any changes or differences that need to be addressed (ex. Game times don’t agree on league and FC DELCO sites, 9am vs 2pm.) Do NOT change any info shown in Columns A-I.
  • You can write the discrepancy in either the Notes column (J) you have copied into your email or the body of your email itself.

a. If you are in the APL WINTER LEAGUE ‘SHORT SEASON’, the LEAGUE sets up your games and referees so your game WILL NOT BE IN OUR SYSTEM.

b. If you are in the APL Winter League ‘Long Season’ you will be in this list unless you have had a game scheduled by Joe or Andrew at YSC (if you have done this, your information will be with JOE and ANDREW).

Step 2: Confirm Referees Assigned to Game

3. The following task can be performed by Wednesday the week of your game. Once 1 and 2 above are confirmed, please go to Referee Assignor John Campbell’s website and confirm your game is in the system for referees. Select A-Combined 2019 on the landing page of the site (currently 8th on list) and scroll down to find your game. The page is sorted by Date, Location, and Time. Once confirmed move onto #4. If not confirmed please contact Peye Garcia.

4. Email your opponent (manager or coach) with the following information:

  • Confirmation of game date and time
  • Location (field addresses can be found here)
  • Field number
  • The color uniform your team will be wearing (ie: all black for home games). Note: Coach/Manager contact info should be available on your league site or on the opposing team’s home page.

5. All leagues have game day procedures. Please follow your game day procedures for your particular league.

6. If a referee doesn’t show up for the game, please call or text Referee Assignor John Campbell (John Campbell’s Game Day CELL PHONE 610-247- 3345, Game Day Soccer Line 610-933-1977) with the following information:

  • Game number
  • Time
  • Field location
  • The 2 teams that are playing.

Please note that if you have reached this point, the referee assignor is the only person that can be of assistance as he is in direct connection with the referees and has all of the referee’s contact information.

If you are at a complex and there are multiple games going on, please look around the complex as there may be a referee that is available to do a game if a ref does not show up. While we hope conflicts never arise, we understand that there may be a time when a referee is late or does not show. By following the steps above we can limit those occurrences and enjoy a positive season.

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