Tournament and League Registration

Tournament Registration

After you receive your GotSoccer team account, and set it up, you are ready to register for tournaments. Your Zone director will share the event list with you, and then you can go ahead, and apply. 

Steps for Applying for a Tournament:

1. Check the Event List, provided by your Zone Director.

2. Click the appropriate links and follow the steps necessary to apply to the tournament that has been selected for your team. 

Winter & Spring Tournaments:

Amanda Post Invititational
APC Premier Cup
Delaware Coastal
FC DELCO Invitational
FC DELCO Players Cup
Jeff Cup
PA Classics Challenger Cup
Penn Fusion Summer Showcase
Reading Rage Flash
Stafford Invitational
YMS Epic

Fall Tournaments:

Kick-Off Classic (Girls)
Kick-Off Classic (Boys)
West Chester (Penn Fusion) Summer Classic
WestMont/Battle at HillTop
PA Classics Keystone Cup
SAC Columbus Day
Explorer Cup

3. Log in using your GotSoccer Account information.

4. At this early stage, you are just applying for your team. DO NOT WORRY ABOUT ENTERING SPECIFIC PLAYERS AT THIS POINT.

5. You may have questions about your team history? Please direct those to your Zone director. 

6. You will also want to discuss which level to place your team in with your Zone director and your coach.

7. Click "pay by check" before submitting. You can then either forward a screen shot of your application OR the confirmation email to our Finance Director, Susan Panacek, who will take care of payment. 

8. A few weeks before the tournament, you will receive an email letting you know that your team has been accepted. You will, at this point, be able to see other teams who have been accepted.

9. Once your team is accepted, you will receive an email from the tournament director asking you to upload your player passes and roster by a certain date. The tournament will provide instructions on how to do this. But if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to Susan Hennelly, our Operations Manager. 

10. The tournament may even ask you to have your players sign a COVID waiver, which you can share via TeamSnap. 

11. Once everything is uploaded, you should be all set! You will receive a link to the schedule from the tournament director. Simply publish it to TeamSnap and you are a "go!"


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