FC DELCO Crossbar Challenge

The 2020 Crossbar Challenge

Each year, FC DELCO hosts a crossbar challenge at the end of our fall season to raise money for a charity that is close to all of our hearts. This year, we are raising money for the Chester County Suicide Prevention Task Force

Suicide has been on the rise across the country for more than a decade and is now the second leading cause of death among young people, aged 15 – 24. It’s the 10th leading cause of death nationwide, with more people now dying by suicide than car accidents. Chester County’s Suicide Prevention Task Force is working in our community to change that.

This year, the Crossbar Challenge will take place from October 26th - November 12th. The finals are TBD, and we will be releasing more information on that soon. 


Who: Boys and girls within FC DELCO
What: Crossbar Challenge

  • Playoff Rounds: In training during the weeks of Oct 26, 2020 - November 12, 2020
  • Finals: TBD

Cost: Please donate $5 directly to The Chester County Suicide Prevention Taskforce via PayPal and then fill out this form to let us know about your participation. Please do not give cash to your coach!

All proceeds collected will be donated to The Chester County Suicide Prevention Task Force. 



Where to Stand:

1. U9 - U10: 12 yards or further. Players may punt the ball.
2. U11 - U12: 18 yards or further. Players must kick from the ground.
3. U13 +: 25 yards or further. Players must kick from the ground.


1. Donate directly to The Chester County Suicide Prevention Taskforce using the PayPal link on their site. 

2. Fill out this Google form to officially register.


Anyone who hits the crossbar in training gains entry into the finals, which is TBD. 


Please take videos of your crossbar challenge and share them with socialmedia@fcdelco.org. If you would like to post your crossbar videos, please tag us, and use the hashtag #fcdelcocrossbarchallenge

Got questions? Please reach out to Susan

Thank you to our sponsors!



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