FC DELCO Spring Invitational


7th Annual FC DELCO Spring Invitational 

Boys, April 30, 2022

Girls, May 1, 2022

*Formerly the CFC Invitational


Join FC DELCO and other premier clubs for an inexpensive, fun, level-appropriate one-day tournament. 

FC DELCO currently hosts some of the best tournaments in the mid-Atlantic region, including the FC DELCO Players Cup in May and the Spirit United Kick-Off Classic in late August. When you couple our years of tournament experience with our outstanding facilities, it all adds up to a late spring tournament that is not to be missed!  


Tournament Rules


Boys Tournament – Applied Teams 
Girls TournamentApplied Teams

Age Groups:

U8 through U15

Level of Play

The event will host A, B, and C levels of competition

Age Group and Game Length  (3-game minimum for all teams):

U8 (6v6) – 2 X 20-minute halves
U9 and U10 (7v7) – 2 X 20-minute halves
U11 and U12 (9v9) – 2 X 25-minute halves
U13 to U15 (11v11) – 2 X 30-minute halves

  * Note: 5 guest players allowed

Registration Fees

U8 - $275
U9 and U10 - $375
U11 and U12 - $475
U13 to U15 - $575

Additional Information and Details

* Games will be played in Downingtown, PA, and surrounding venues
* A great 1-day event to round out your 21/22 season or look at potential new players in a game format
* Each tournament day will host a vendor village including soccer equipment and tournament souvenirs
* We will do our best to accommodate coaches with multiple teams!

Tournament Timeline

Application Deadline – 4/10/22

Acceptances – 4/11/22

Brackets – 4/13/22

Schedule – 4/20/22



For more information contact Alex Kulp at akulp@sidelinesoccersolutions.com

Thank you to our sponsors!