FC DELCO Girls ECNL & ECNL Regional; and Boys ECNL Annual Player Fees -- '20/'21 Season

Player fees are collected through Got Soccer and may be paid in full upon registration, or in monthly installment payments.

Families with financial needs are encouraged to apply for an FC DELCO scholarship

Please note that all player fees are non-refundable.


Annual player fees will be paid in installments.  An initial non-refundable deposit of $325 is due upon acceptance of your roster position and registration with FC DELCO for the 2020-2021 season. The remaining balance of your annual player fee is payable equal monthly installments from the time of registration through February 2021.

Players wishing to pay their annual player fees in full should contact Susan Panacek, Finance Director.

U12+ Girls ECNL and ECNL Regional League Player Fees 

Team Birth Year Annual Fee Initial Deposit Balance Paid in Monthly Installments
U12 G ECNL 2009 $2,820.00 $325.00 $2,495.00
U12 G ECNL Regional 2009 $2,820.00 $325.00 $2,495.00
U13 G ECNL 2008 $3,170.00 $325.00 $2,845.00
U13 GECNL Regional 2008 $2,870.00 $325.00 $2,545.00
U14 G ECNL 2007 $3,170.00 $325.00 $2,845.00
U14 G ECNL Regional 2007 $2,870.00 $325.00 $2,545.00
U15 G ECNL 2006 $3,170.00 $325.00 $2,845.00
U15 G ECNL Regional 2006 $2,870.00 $325.00 $2,545.00


2005 $3,170.00 $325.00 $2,845.00

U16 G ECNL Regional

2005 $2,87.00 $325.00 $2,545.00


2004 $3,170.00 $325.00 $2,845.00

U17 G ECNL Regional

2004 $2,870.00 $325.00 $2,545.00


'02/'03 $3,170.00 $325.00 $2,845.00

U19 G ECNL Regional

'02/'03 $2,870.00 $325.00 $2,545.00

What's Included in Your Girls ECNL and ECNL Regional League Player Fee?

  • Soccer season consisting of 10 months (U12 - U14); 7 months (U15 - U19) to account for the high school season. 
  • Professional coaching & curriculum
  • Top-quality fields and facilities that limit the stoppage of training due to weather
  • Training 3x per week during the fall, winter and spring seasons on turf
  • Club fee
  • Fundraising fee club-wide fundraiser to support the operations of the Club with participation by all players. Details to follow.
  • U12 play in the ECNL League and attend Elite Regional Tournaments
  • U13 + U14 ECNL Northeast Region | South Division | Elite Regional Tournaments 
  • U15+ Play in the ECNL League, attend Elite Regional Tournaments and travel to national ECNL showcases to gain access to the top competition in the country and get unprecedented exposure to college coaches
  • Goalkeeper training
  • Sports performance support
  • Extra training opportunities
  • Club-approved coach travel costs (non ECNL events) 
  • Individual development planning 

What Isn't Included in your Player Fee?

  • Uniforms and accessories
  • Player travel costs (Club-approved coach travel costs for ECNL events) 
  • Other expenses not explicitly covered by the current system (i.e. team parties, coach gifts, individual team tents, etc.)


Top Photo Credit: (left) Heather Sharples, (right) Jennifer Duval © 2019

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